• Organic & Sustainable

Our natural products provide the kind of intense moisture we need to keep our skin looking and feeling smooth and hydrated. Tallow has been proven to moisturise the skin all day. Our Tallow products are most effective when used within about two years. The “use by” date is found on the bottom of the product. All of the ingredients are very shelf-stable.

When in use it is best to store the cream away from the cold at room temperature so it’s nice and soft to apply. Suitable for Babies & Adults. This is natural relief for irritated, sore and dry skin. Promotes hydration of dry skin, eczema or psoriasis. Loaded with Vitamins A, D & K. Suitable for Face & Body. Rich in CLA. Symbiotic with Sebum. Free from Paraffin and chemical preservatives.


Produced from 100% Pasture Raised & Organic Tallow. Made on our farm. We produce certified high welfare, minimum waste skincare.
Of course, we do not use toxic preservatives or any other chemicals. Our products are very stable and as we can guarantee Organic and non GMO status.
We can say with confidence our products are very nutrient dense