• Organic & Sustainable. Our Tallow is produced from 100% Pasture Raised & Organic Leaf Fat. Made on our farm. We produce certified high welfare, minimum waste skincare. We do not use toxic preservatives. Our products are very stable and as we can guarantee Organic and Non GMO status. We can say with confidence our products are very nutrient dense.

Our Face & Body Creams and Lip Balms  are made with Organic Tallow, Jojoba or Hemp (Cold Pressed) & Essential Oils.
( * Beeswax is an ingredient in the unscented creams and lip balms – Please note in the rare instance of an allergy)

Our Soap and Total Bars are cold processed and hand crafted with lye, castor oil,(Kaolin Clay in the Total Bar) distilled water and essential oils and then cured for a month.  Our cold pressed soaps keep their structure and are long lasting and effective.